Increase the Peace – An Overview

Increase the peace opened its doors to the young people of Gloucester in 2007. It was then based at Star66 and was the visionary dream of Delroy Ellis.

Delroy Ellis is a youth worker who as a young man, had first-hand experience of ‘choosing’ a challenging path through life. His own powerful experiences made him resolve to provide an alternative and positive environment for young people. One that was built around support, community and education.

This was an enormous challenge!  How can you provide an attractive alternative to young people who may be susceptible to spending time on the streets, increasing the likelihood of getting in trouble or becoming involved in crime?

ITP was formed and rose to this challenge.

The Charity starts from a fundamental position of engaging young people, through its positive attitude, interactive activities and an environment where trust and respect is mutual. These describe the core values of the centre and all who visit, work and support it.

Since 2007 ITP, has successfully established itself as a community-based facility supported by organisations that include The Home Office, Gloucester Constabulary, Gloucester City Council, Police Crime Commissioner, Children In Need & The Hollie Gazzard Trust. It has also won the hearts and commitment of many of Gloucestershire’s high profile businesses. The ‘Awards Ceremony’, held for the first time in 2013, has provided a clear indication of the energy, commitment to develop and provide support to ITP by local businesses.

The ITP success story can also be mapped by its own significant development over the recent years, not least of which has been to attain charitable status.  ITP is a non-profitable organisation, dedicated to providing opportunities for young people to explore, be challenged and to be involved in the wider community. 

ITP works in partnership with parents, carers, schools and other organisations in enabling its young people to take pride in themselves and their achievements.