The Peace Pedalers are Youth Workers employed by Increase the Peace and funded by The Hollie Gazzard Trust to go out on Bicycles in and around Gloucester. Their primary function is to engage with local young people who hang around our streets or in local parks with the aim of helping to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Peace Pedalers 1

The Youth Workers are fully qualified or undertaking degree level training. They have various other qualifications and experience including; mentoring, first aid, safeguarding, risk assessment, and cultural and diversity awareness.


To make contact with young people who congregate on the streets or in local parks etc. To help reduce Anti-Social-Behaviour.


To engage with the young people, find out why they congregate in those areas! Assist in sign posting them to local youth provision or other local youth organisations. Discuss the consequences of anti-social behaviour, build positive relationships between young people, Youth workers, Police and local authorities and to discourage gang affiliation.


To see a reduction in knife crime, anti-social behaviour, and gang affiliation and make Gloucester a safer and more sociable environment for local communities.

The Peace Pedalers work closely with the Police and Gloucester City Homes to target areas where there are complaints of groups of young people causing nuisance or anti-social behaviour. These areas will be targeted and monitored on a weekly basis.

There will be Youth workers go out in pairs at all times, the monitoring and allocation of areas that they patrol is allocated by an administrator who will also be the link person with the Police and Gloucester City Homes.

The Success is measured by keeping logs of all young people they make contact with and by having regular meetings with the Police regarding the statistics around anti-social behaviour in the areas covered. In addition by how young people are signposted to Youth Clubs or other activities in their area, and monitoring if they continue to engage.

The areas currently covered by the Peace Pedalers are: Barton & Tredworth, Linden, Kingsholm, City Centre, Gloucester Park, Bristol Road, Hempsted, Podsmead, Tuffley, White city, Matson, Coney Hill, The Lampreys and Chequers Bridge.

Plans are afoot to expand this to the whole of Gloucester, through employing more Peace Pedalers and increase the times and days they go out. This is however dependent on future funding.

The Hollie Gazzard Trust is delighted to be able to sponsor the Peace Pedalers for 2015 and 2016 and will work with Increase the Peace to help them achieve their aims.