Increase The Peace and YPP have a wonderful team of paid staff and volunteers that work hard to make the projects a success, allowing the young people to enjoy the benefits that ITP and YPP offer.

Let us introduce these wonderful staff to you:

Delroy Ellis – Project Manager
A little crazy, talk a lot ….. but great vision, determination and a big heart

Berni Buchanan – Assistant Project Manager
Bubbly, organised and the person who keeps Delroy in line

Javan Holgate – Youth Worker
Chilled (almost horizontal), flexible and a great all-rounder

Mia Morris – Youth Worker
Our dancing queen who is always happy to help – no matter what!

Shane ‘Juicy’ Fishley – Youth Worker
Our music man, the DJ that teaches our young people to MC, DJ and lay down the tracks

Kash Allen – Youth Worker
Laid back, gets amongst the young people and community and a ITP Peace Pedaler

Errol Patterson – Youth Worker
Experience mixed with a thirst to offer knowledge to the young people

Kieran Newell – Volunteer Youth Worker
A colourful character, with a dry sense of humour and a passion for music

Chanice Williams – Volunteer Youth Worker
Always to be found dancing around the young people, smiling and happy to help!

Amarni Buchanan – Volunteer Youth Worker
Larger than life personality and the baby of our staff

Kaley Ray – Volunteer Youth Worker
A confident young lady who is always keen to contribute to help the project

If you are interested in becoming an ITP or YPP volunteer worker please contact us.